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A word from your Space Guides

     Before we were space cowboys, adventuring through the great unknown in search of premium wines and spirits, we were just a couple of guys sharing a glass of Moldovan wine in a small Chicago kitchen. That wine, though, happened to be amazing. And more than that, it was from another world; a world we loved with all our hearts, and could be transported to with nothing more than a sip… And it all sprung from there, innocently enough, with the belief that American consumers would love the taste of authentic Moldovan wine and spirits. In fact, we knew quite well that there were countless wines and spirits from all around the world that American consumers were just waiting to enjoy.

        Three years later, Deluxe Wine & Spirits Co. specializes in finding the boldest wines and spirits from around the world and bringing them to the U.S. market. We’ve imported hundreds of premium, award-winning products, and despite the success we’ve already had (and are super grateful for), we feel like we’re just getting started.
      Afterall, we just recently commenced our intergalactic expansion, and frankly, if we’re even gonna come close to recouping our rocket ship costs, we’re gonna have to really hustle to find some truly out-of-this-world wines and spirits.
So cheers to that, and thank you as always for your support on this crazy mission of ours.

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