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The history of KVINT dates back to 1897, when the first rectification warehouse was built and launched into operation on Vokzalnaya Street in Tiraspol. At that time it was specialized in production of 40% alc. vodka from homemade grape wines purchased from the peasants of nearby villages. The production of divins was started 4 decades later – first wine-distilled spirits were put for ageing in 1938.

Nowadays this company with 120 years of history holds a leading position among the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in Moldova (wine and spirits). Unique climate, fertile soil, hilly terrain and vicinity of the river Dniester created most favorable conditions for growing best grapes; modern equipment, advanced technologies, original recipes, respect to ancient traditions and passionate work of KVINT professionals – all these factors allow us to produce admirable beverages, which compete with world renowned wine and spirits brands.

The Distillery has its own raw materials source – approximately 2000 hectares of vineyards, where we grow more than 30 varieties of grapes.

In our cellars we keep 11 million liters of eaux-de-vie spirits aged from 1 year to 60 years. With this wide range of aged spirits a Master of the Cellar enjoys a greater freedom and flexibility for developing new brands.

Annually we output about 20 million bottles of alcoholic beverages, including over 30 names of divins aged from 3 to 60 years, table and vintage wines, vodkas, gin, hard liquors, calvados. Starting from 2000 our production is certified against ISO:9001 (BVQI).

Numerous awards won at various international contests and tasting competitions prove the premium quality of KVINT products: 10 Super Grand Prix Trophies, more than 30 Grand Prix, and about 300 gold and silver medals.


ZERNOFF VODKA is a manufacturing complex with complete production cycle, including processing of chose grain, high quality alcohol production, spirits and bottling of alcoholic products. The high quality of vodka is the result of the use of modern equipment and innovative technologies. 

The company pays great attention to the product quality. The composition of ZERNOFF VODKA includes only their own spirits. Absolutely all products are made in compliance with all public and international standards, including ISO 9001. There is an accredited testing laboratory in the ZERNOFF industrial complex.

ZERNOFF uses a special variety of wheat for a mild taste of it’s spirits. The production of vodka uses innovative technology based on the infusion of germinated cereal grains – oats, barley, rice, wheat, and rye: ZERNOFF FIVE GRAINS. The unique infusion having a bracing and tonic effectively improves the organoleptic properties underlies in the formulation of ZERNOFF Original VODKA. Experienced superior taste by design.


The land of pălinca… Romania was drinking pălincă in 1570!
It’s a tale told by the springs and plum trees in the hills of Satu Mare. It is there, on the sun kissed land of Oas Country, that the best plums are grown, and there too that twice-distilled plum brandy was first put to the taste test. Since then, pălinca has been sharp, strong and fragrant, and not one parent, grandparent or ancestor went by without singing of their joy or sorrow over a tumbler. As for the BRAN Family, their story continues…

The first stills, spirits… Grand dad BRAN distills tradition!
We’ve been distilling spirits forever, and know for a fact that our recipe and history come from our Grandfather. He tended our orchards and our traditions. All by himself, aided only by two copper stills. Hundreds of years old, pălinca tasted authentic even in 1969 when Gheorghe Bran was distilling alcohol naturally on an open fire, and blissfully spreading strength around the village and surrounding area. This happened in Rosiori, with patience and passion, just as it does now. The very first Alcorom logo… (Ioan) BRAN becomes a brand!

The pălinca still was just one step away from traditional stills. After the fall of communism, it only took one son, as passionate as his grandfather had been, to pin down the Alcorom logo and open the gates to a brand with stamina. In 1993, BRAN became an OSIM registered trademark and this is when Ioan Bran marked the beginnings of a very different pălincă…SAMARO, a tribute… Daniel Bran’s makeover!

Satu Mare, Romania, is where we pick fresh green walnuts around June, and leave them to macerate in alcohol for about 3 months. The third generation of the BRAN family knew how to combine this with honey and plant extracts so the alembic stills could channel this most headstrong distilled spirit. A prestigious digestif, it is bold enough to begin the evening as an ice shot and strong enough to carry on as base for long drinks. The tribute eau-de-vie, safeguarding its origins and gaining in originality from its presence: it is unique every time, like the thrill it gives.Distilleries earn distinctions… BRAN, a GOLDEN Brand, family of best distilled spirits!

When you hold a BRAN bottle, you are holding a traditional Romanian product that is certified and on show at world fairs and exhibitions, whether in Mexico, Germany, South Korea, or Poland. Plum pălinca wears a gold medal around its neck for its unmistakable plum flavor, while the rakia was awarded the silver medal. Our golden brand boasts many other awards, so like our liquor – it never goes unnoticed. Sipping a Long Drink with Bran… Pălinca mixed with ginger and passion fruit!

Good mixes come from people with shared passions and cold-filtered high-degree ideas. This is how Apple Pălinca came to be blended with mango, Apricot Pălinca with elderflower, Blueberry Brandy with elderflower cordial and prosecco – which is as trendy as it gets. We have given pălinca the time it needed to find the right shaker, and what a wise decision that was. People have now really adopted it for their own, as BRAN is subtle, easy to drink, traditional, nostalgic, refined, and exotic. It makes you feel good and enjoy life.

We bring our pălinca along and our pălincă loves it… BRAN spirits marks its presence at festivals!
The copper stills – our very roots and the reason why BRAN operates a mobile bar – reflect the sepia hues of olden times. Our pălinca puts tradition in fashion and parking our truck at festivals is super chic. We appetize with our words and set trends with our look, and hold the Neversea flag high with our rakia shots. We distill the strongest of thrills, and our free spirits dance at Afterhills. And just when we thought we’d poured enough, our 2000-strong fans cry: “Another long shot please!”

The heart of Transylvania beats beyond its borders… BRAN across Europe and overseas!
Pălinca from Northern Transylvania knows no borders and pauses wherever it comforts and soothes. We are taken on journeys by those seeking thrills and those brave enough to taste. They know that a fresh green walnut digestif beats any other medicine and prefer BRAN spirits in their whiskey glasses. The fruits of our land reaches as far as the USA, Canada and New Zealand, bearing the “empty bottle, full experience” return stamp!

What once poured into tumblers now fills shot glasses. Fruits are hand-picked on the hills of Satu Mare, or at the foot of the mountains, as it has always been. Just like in the olden days, we place it gently in large baskets and rinse it in spring water, to retain its noble fragrance. Maceration follows in our cool cellars, then fermentation – in large wooden vats, sheltered and secure under our watchful gaze. The traditional art of distillation has not changed: copper stills over an open fire – 7 cues, as tales go! The gentle flavors of silky pălinci and the crafty flavors of cherry and blueberry brandies flow, drop by drop. Let adventurous spirits find us, let the spirit stay alive. Lucky for us, there are no headaches. Cheers!


The Story

For centuries, vodka has not only been imbibed at every momentous occasion in Eastern European society – domestic, religious, economic and political – it is quite simply, a daily ritual and regarded as the water of life.

Chapter 1: Russia

Inspired by visionaries. Refined by perfectionists.

The Demidoff (Demidov) Family was the most distinguished dynasty in Russia, possibly second only to the Tsar throughout the late 18th and early 19th centuries. However, like many, their story grew from humble beginnings in Tula where their ancestor, Demid Antufiev, was a free blacksmith. His son would go on to flourish as an iron industrialist and was eventually ennobled by Peter the Great. The family continued to expand their wealth in other mining industries and still continue today to evolve as philanthropists and patrons of the arts and sciences.

The spirit of this revered family of visionaries inspired the conception of the Demidoff Vodka. Born in Russia, the Demidoff brand chased its dreams for perfection and prosperity to its new home in Poland.

Chapter 2: Poland

The evolution from grain to potato.

We were continually exploring every avenue to improve the vodka. Through experimentation, we discovered a new-found affinity for the smooth, creamy notes that only potatoes could offer.

Without second thought, we made the decision to migrate the vodka to Poland, where he had premium access to the finest organic potatoes and ultra pure well water. Through diligence and patience in preserving the art and tradition of craft distillation, our team have re-imagined the harmony, purity and excellence of what ultra-premium vodka should be.

Chapter 3: Presenting Demidoff to The World

Since perfecting all aspects of our craft, Demidoff has been honored with numerous awards, not only for our distinctly smooth, craft-distilled spirit, but for our packaging innovation and elegant design. On our journey to elevate the standards of ultra-premium vodka, Demidoff continues to be recognized by the industry’s most discerning palates, while finding our place at the finest retailers and most prestigious establishments around the world.

Neat, straight up, rocks or mixed, we hope you will enjoy the purity of our spirit.


1852 Kurant Crystal Vodka

Vodka 1852 Kurant Crystal is considered the most cleanest and softest product on the American market. Try it for yourself, and feel the flavor. Look at this piece of art made by Slovakian artists. This decanter is made of real Slovak glass which makes a nice decoration for your family’s casual dinner or a party.

The exquisite vodka is made from 100% pure-grain spirit, seven times distilled and four times filtrated for purification. But that’s not all, after a special filtration and before moving on to the process of bottling, the vodka is aged for six months, which aids to maximize the softness and purity of the product.