Zernoff Vodka ORIGINAL 750 ml

Spirits Glass Style: Mild
Aroma Aroma: fresh limes and mild yogurt
Taste Flavor: cracked peppercorn, smetana, shortbread crust, and granola and cream
Smoothness Smoothness: Warming
Enjoy Enjoy: in cocktails, neat and on the rocks
Cocktail Cocktails: Vodka Martini, Vodka Collins, Vodka Martini
Bottom Line Bottom Line: A zesty vodka with excellent silky texture.


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Zernoff Vodka ORIGINAL 750 ml

A special variety of wheat for a mild taste. The production of vodka uses innovative technology based on the infusion of germinated cereal grains – oats, barley, rice, wheat, and rye: ZERNOFF FIVE GRAINS. The unique infusion having a bracing and tonic effectively improves the organoleptic properties underlies in the formulation of ZERNOFF Original VODKA. Experienced superior taste by design.

1 review for Zernoff Vodka ORIGINAL 750 ml


    Very smooth.Love it

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