Zernoff MENDELEEV Vodka

Zernoff MENDELEEV Vodka

Secular vodka with a soft taste, treated with special care, full of philosophy
and wisdom. Mendeleev Vodka is named for Dmitri Mendeleev „The Father of
Russian Vodka.” Mendeleev is better known as the creator of the first version of
the periodic table. But more importantly, he was named to the bureau of
weights and measures and implemented a set of standards for Russian vodkas,
rendering a taste that withstands the passage of generations. Distilled 7 times
for the essence of vodka purity, Mendeleev Vodka uses the purest water blended
with the world’s finest Moldovan grains.

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Entered by: “Im “”Zernoff”” SRL”

Producer: “Im “”Zernoff”” SRL”

Origin: Moldova

Tasting Category: Vodka – Neutral – 40% Eastern Europe

Alcohol: 40%


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