Sweet Lily Peach

Category:White sweet wine
Color & appearance:Yellow color
Alcohol Content:16 % Vol.
Size:750 ml


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Sweet Lily Peach Sweet White Wine

This white wine is made of grapes harvested and selected by hand and fermented using traditional methods, which allows the preservation of the natural color and balanced taste. This wine is distinguished for its perfect balanced flower and citrus bouquet, harmonious taste with delicate white peaches aftertaste, which makes you want more.

Lily is a wine made for people who enjoy rich and savory wines that can always surprise with unexpected and exotic flavors. The sweetness of the wine is backed up by fruity, ripe flavors or the gentle touch of flowers in full bloom. This delightful wine comes with a high alcohol content that gives an even more profuse aroma of sweet sensation that takes all the stress away and warms your soul.

This amazing wine is made by mixing the high-quality wines made by a small winery that is known for growing rare grapes and producing award-winning wines with natural flavors of fruits and roses.

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Weight1 oz


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