SECCO+ Coconut Sparkling Wine Pack of 4

Colour & appearance:light, gently sparkling
Bouquet:natural, fresh, summerly
Flavors:coconut taste
Taste:exotic, fruity, delicious, fresh
Serving temperature:6  –  8 °C
Wine:German Wine
Alcohol Content:8,5 % Vol.
Packages:Pack of 4; 0.25l per can


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SECCO+ Coconut Sparkling Wine Cans

Get the true summer spirit with this suiting sparkling and exotic drink – by the pool, in the garden or at a cool beach party enjoying a beautiful sunset! SECCO+ COCONUT TASTE combines the luscious, refreshing coconut flavor with the exciting sparkling SECCO+.

Finest Food Factory GmbH is a German enterprise known for its high-quality SECCO+ range of German sparkling wines being distributed internationally. Now, together with its partner, the Bermes Winery, a WINE+ range made of fine German wine has been created in addition.
lt captivates with a perfect symbiosis of Lifestyle and quality.

Under Manfred und Carlo Bermes’ leadership, the German Bermes Winery cultivates roughly a 23 hectare vineyard area. lt is the largest German wine-growing district right in the heart of Rhinehessen where the winery is located. To achieve the optimum out of grapes and the later produced wines in harmony with nature is the declared aim. The winery today is being led in 7th generation by the Bermes family who started their business in 1860.

Three flavors cover virtually the entire bandwidth for our core target group of urban 20 – 39 year old wine consumers with a slight focus on females. And therefore we offer precisely these three perfectly composed wines.

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