SECCO+ Classic

SECCO+ Classic

Whether as a present for your loved ones or simply as a treat for your
very own special moments: SECCO+ is the German
Sparkling Wine for those special moments and ideal for
sophisticated occasions. With its fresh vitality and its delightful fruity
aroma, SECCO+ CLASSIC is the perfect accompaniment to a light
Mediterranean cuisine.

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SECCO+ Classic

Colour & appearance:   brilliant, fine perlage, persistent froth
Bouquet:   natural, fruity & lemony
Taste:   harmonies, elegant, fresh
Serving temperature:   6 – 8 °C
Wine:   German Wine
Origin:   Rhineland-Palatinate
Alcohol Content:   1,51 % Vol.
Packages:   0.75 l, 1.5 l, 3.0 l bottle


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