Red Leather Case ART RUSSE (case only)

The Red Leather Case is the bespoke object developed by French designers and handcrafted in France using the most refined leather and accessories for those who appreciate fine wine, fine art and the sophisticated luxury items.

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ART RUSSE Red Leather Case (case only) for 3 Bottles

The Red Leather Case is the bespoke object developed by French designers and handcrafted in France using the most refined leather and accessories for those who appreciate fine wine, fine art, luxury brands and the sophisticated luxury items.

The unique concept of Art Russe wine and its outstanding flavour have been gaining a wider global recognition. The exclusive wine is available in Michelin-starred restaurants and top-notch outlets in Paris, Cote d’Azur, Courchevel, Corsica, Monaco, Milan, Moscow and others. Celebrated Chef Yannick Alléno has chosen Art Russe for his restaurants. France’s best sommelier and Chef Sommelier of the iconic Sur Mesure Restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Paris David Biraud has added Art Russe Saint-Emilion Grand Cru to the restaurant’s wine list.

Art Russe wine was also served at 2 Michelin stars restaurant Seta at the Mandarin Oriental Milan. It is presented at Yacht Club de Monaco as well as at the Restaurant de Rois of La Réserve de Beaulieu, at the Barriére and other luxury resorts. In addition the wine is sold to a select circle of fine wine connoisseurs in Singapore and distributed to limited private customers in Southern Asia.

There is a partnership between Сhâteau La Grace Dieu des Prieurs and the ART RUSSE Foundation based in the UK. The Foundation, which owns one of the largest private collections of Russian art of the XIX-XX centuries, granted Château the right to use its name and paintings in wine label design. The iconic works of great artists are featured on the labels: 12 paintings for each vintage. Art Russe combines the art of winemaking and the art of painting.

Extensive developments in the premium packaging creation (including the Red Leather Case) is one more element allowing our brand to stand out of the other fine wines. Even the traditional wooden cases have the sensational form and allow to display perfectly the art collection inside. Red wooden cases for 6 bottles produced from the ideally processed wood and have unprecedented visibility. The individual wooden boxes with the red leather handle suit the elegant bottle design.

Thanks to the rounded form, noble lines and harmonious combination of materials, the Gift Box itself became a piece of contemporary art. It was awarded a Golden award at SPIRIPACK in the category of Innovation in the Field of Packaging of Wines and Spirits in France.

The unique Chess Case was developed to celebrate an eternal game while sipping a truly excellent wine. It contains the chessboard and the pieces what makes it functional. The attention to details, the magnificent materials and classy design enabled the Chess Case to become a noble element of any fancy interior.

Art Russe is the first wine in the world advertised at the central nervous system of global finance at Bloomberg.

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Château La Grâce Dieu des Prieurs is the 8 ha property situated right in the middle between Saint-Emilion and Pomerol on the terrific terroir.

Since 2013, the Winemaker and the Vineyard Manager of the Сhâteau is famous Louis Mitjavile who originates from the family of renowned Bordeaux winemakers.

Mitjavile’s Trademark Style:

● Healthy vine (low interventional system of Lute resonée is practicing at the estate)

● Maximum maturity of grapes

● Tannin maturity increases the feeling of freshness, improves the overall balance and prevents acidity reduction

●  Gravity flow; protection from oxygen

●  Extraction: slow, long, and soft

●  Micro oxygenation to accelerate maturation and stabilization

●  Long and even ageing in a single-type casks – minimum 20 months in Radoux Blend barrels – the selection of the most fine-grained French oak what is available to Mitjavile family only.

The Red Leather Case will be a great gift for any occasion. 

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