KVINT XO 25 Years Old

Aged:25 years
Alcohol:40% vol.
Sugar:12 g/dm3
Serving temperature:20-22°С
Capacity:0.75 L
Ingredients:eaux-de-vie, purified water, sugar


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KVINT XO DIVIN (Brandy) Elite Collection 25 Years Old

Moldova’s Secret Cognac

This product stands out for its bright and complex bouquet, with perfect harmony between the deep aromas of blossoming vineyards and autumn oak forest, it features a wide range of tints and shades in its memorable and long-lasting aftertaste.

Divin is served at the temperature 20-22°С in special glasses with the short stem and the bowl with wide bottom and tapering top.
The noble beverage goes perfectly with various desserts, fruit, chocolate, coffee.
The creation of brandy begins with a long process of distillation. KVINT distillers strictly follow the traditional cognac production method, enabling to preserve all essential oils in alcohol and to achieve the right concentration of them. The wine is distilled in Alambic pot-stills in two stages. At first stage you obtain the basic raw spirit, the so-called “brouillis” with alcoholic strength 29-32%. After the second stage, known as “la bonne chauffe” (or good heating) the resultant product contains 62-70% of alcohol. The full cycle takes almost whole day. Only after the first-stage distillation the volume of liquid is reduced 9 times.
The shortest ageing time of KVINT spirits for this kind of beverage is 1 year. The best wood to keep eaux-de-vie spirit in is the Limousine oak. From the end of the last century KVINT prefers to buy the barrels made from 80-year-old oaks grown in Limousine region in central France. Multitude of grape varieties, favorable conditions of ageing including temperature control, humidity, competently chosen barrels and daily care – any of these components contribute to the formation of taste accents and aromatic nuances.
The final step that turns spirits into brandy is blending. This process is a gradual mixing of the certain ratio of eaux-de-vie aged for 1-3 years in oak barrels, wine-distilled spirits, specially treated water, syrup and oak essence.
The freshly prepared blend of brandy is characterized by disbalanced bouquet and taste, due to disturbance of equilibrium of the components. To avoid this, every blended brandy is put for rest into big casks, this process lasts for not less than 30 days.
Cold treatment usually takes place before bottling. Brandy is chilled at the temperature from –10°С to –15°С and kept in tanks for 7-10 days, depending on the blend of beverage, then follows filtration at the same temperature as one of cold treatment. During the whole period of treatment the temperature is controlled automatically. The procedure of cold treatment enables us to guarantee that brandy will stay clear and stable in the bottle, if the conditions of storage are observed.
After cold treatment brandies undergo control filtration for giving them additional brilliance and crystalline clarity.

The history of KVINT dates back to 1897, when the first rectification warehouse was built and launched into operation on Vokzalnaya Street in Tiraspol. At that time it was specialized in production of 40% alc. vodka from homemade grape wines purchased from the peasants of nearby villages. The production of divins was started 4 decades later – first wine-distilled spirits were put for ageing in 1938.

Nowadays this company with 120 years of history holds a leading position among the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages in Moldova. Unique climate, fertile soil, hilly terrain and vicinity of the river Dniester created most favorable conditions for growing best grapes; modern equipment, advanced technologies, original recipes, respect to ancient traditions and passionate work of KVINT professionals – all these factors allow us to produce admirable beverages, which compete with world renowned brands.

The Winery has its own raw materials source – approximately 2000 hectares of vineyards, where we grow more than 30 varieties of grapes.

In our cellars we keep 11 million liters of eaux-de-vie spirits aged from 1 year to 60 years. With this wide range of aged spirits a Master of the Cellar enjoys a greater freedom and flexibility for developing new brands.

Annually we output about 20 million bottles of alcoholic beverages, including over 30 names of divins aged from 3 to 60 years, table and vintage wines, vodkas, gin, hard liquors, calvados. Starting from 2000 our production is certified against ISO:9001 (BVQI).

Numerous awards won at various international contests and tasting competitions prove the premium quality of KVINT products: 10 Super Grand Prix Trophies, more than 30 Grand Prix, and about 300 gold and silver medals.

The company KVINT pays special attention to production technology in order to preserve the best traditions of making alcoholic beverages, on the one hand, and to introduce modern approach and know-how of the latest scientific research on the other hand.

The significant part of our products are the alcoholic beverages made from grape materials – wines, brandies, divins. The production cycle of these beverages at an early stage is more or less the same, and then, depending on the recipe of the final product, there are substantial differences in the process.

Vodka, gin and eau-de-vie de pomme are made from wheat and apple materials respectively; therefore the production process is composed of different technological operations, which require equal care and respect for high standards in this area.

Due to strict quality control, precise adherence to technological process, and the use of the most advanced developments in alcoholic industry, a wide assortment of our products is highly appreciated by consumers throughout the world and by professionals at the most prestigious exhibitions and tasting competitions.

Vineyards of the Tiraspol Winery & Distillery KVINT are located in the terroirs of Kamenka, Rashkovo and Doibani, well-protected from the winds by the Poyany and Kalagur woods.

The total area of our vineyards is 2000 hectares planted on different kinds of soil, such as sandy soils with high content of calcium, those rich in limestone, southern black soil. Soil composition has great influence on the properties of cultivated grapes, and such a variety of species allows us to obtain unique organoleptic qualities of beverages.

The grape berries contain numerous useful elements and microelements: minerals, bio-active substances, amino acids, sugars and vitamins. Judging by the sugar content, one can determine the ripeness of grapes and schedule the right timing for the harvesting operations.

Between the trivial question of cognac vs brandy our answer is Divin.

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