DIVIN (BRANDY) Kvint Collection Minions

Divins are served at the temperature 20-22°С in special glasses with the short stem and the bowl with wide bottom and tapering top.
The noble beverages go perfectly with various desserts, fruit, chocolate, coffee.

Alcohol: 40% vol.
Category: XO
Serving temperature: 20-22°С
Capacity: 0.2 L
Ingredients: aux-de-vie, purified water, sugar



DIVIN (BRANDY) Kvint Collection Minions

This four-pack of DIVIN Kvint Collection in 50ml mini bottles ELITE COLLECTION KVINT includes the most renowned drinks with a long history on the market: ‘Tiras (aged in oak barrels for 6 years), ’Nistru’ (8 years), ‘Doina’ (9 years) and ‘Surprise” (10 years). They all feature golden-amber color with a developed and harmonious bouquet, which is characterized by a rich aroma with floral, vanilla, fruit tones and tarry nuances. The mellow and long-lasting taste makes these Divins the great work of art of winemaking.



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