DIVIN (BRANDY) Kvint Kosher

DIVIN (BRANDY) Kvint Kosher is served either on the rocks (as an appetizer) or at the temperature 20-22°С (as a digestive) in special glasses with the short stem and the bowl with wide bottom and tapering top. It is recommended to drink neat or to use as a basis for various cocktails.

Alcohol: 40% vol.
Serving temperature: 20-22°С
Capacity: 0.5 L
Ingredients: eaux-de-vie, wine-distilled spirit, oak essence, purified water, sugar


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DIVIN (BRANDY) Kvint Kosher

It is made under control of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of New York (USA), OU, it has the status of Kosher for Passover (approved for Passover). Brandy “KVINT” is created by special production process with our own Eaux-de-vie made from the selected grapes of classical European and local varieties grown on vineyards of KVINT Winery. Eaux-de-vie used for this product were aged in oak barrels for no less than 12 months. This brandy features fine golden color, light floral aroma, and harmonious taste.


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