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 -“At Deluxe Wine and Spirits, we’re inspired by the passion we see globally for developing high quality wines and spirits, and we’re committed to sharing that passion with a growing marketplace.
     By utilizing innovative strategies, cutting-edge technology, and our uniquely dedicated imports team, we’ve helped numerous trading partners build and promote their brands in the U.S.
      Simply put, there’s never been a better time in our history to sample an amazing product from another part of the world, and we take great pride in our ability to put premium foreign products into the hands of domestic consumers.”

Andrei Turea, CEO 

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We admire brands who are as passionate and intentional about quality as we are. To meet the requirements of the market, we value beverages that offer a unique and exclusive experience to consumers, something that will intrigue them with a taste that’s new and inspiring. 

If you’re interested in becoming our partner, contact us with this form, or call us at 773-598-9463 for more information.

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First: international. Then: intergalactic.

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