Chocolate and Wine Pairing

Why is Chocolate Good with Wine? The truth is, we simply don’t know why so many pair chocolate and wine. But, we have our suspicions. Cocoa beans are naturally fruity. Which means that the chocolate itself pairs well with an equally fruity wine. It’s also no secret that for many…

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what is day of the dead?

What is the Day of the Dead?

The History of the Day of the Dead The Day of the Dead (known as Dia de los Muertos in Spanish) is a colorful, joyous and bittersweet Aztec holiday celebrated on the first and second of November.   The holiday began in Southern Mexico before European settlers arrived. It was…

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Halloween Mixed Drinks

Easy Halloween Mixed Drinks You need the perfect cocktail to go with your costume party, and these Halloween mixed drinks are just what you need!   These Halloween cocktails are dazzling and eye-catching - from warm brandy sangria to blended blue witches brew.   Planning a Halloween party is hard…

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Cricova Feteasca Neagra

Cricova Feteasca Neagra  Cricova Feteasca Neagra is a delicious, high-quality ruby red wine.   It is created from an ancient grape variety and considered the hope of red wines.   The wine has a perfumed fragrance, round body, and fine tannins. The finish is delicate and fruity, unlike anything you've ever…

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