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6 Tips for Throwing an Office Holiday Party Your Employees Will Enjoy

Well folks, it’s that time of year again. Colorful lights are strung over homes up and down your street, green and red wreaths are atop doors, peeking through windows are brightly lit Christmas trees, and you are stressing because you completely forgot the annual office holiday party is your responsibility this year. Don’t panic, but in just a few short days you need to pull of the office holiday party of the century. The list below will help you out in a pinch and help you throw the best office holiday party yet while mastering the ultimate Santa challenge: making everyone happy. 

1. Planning the Best Holiday Party

Everyone in your office has different food restrictions, different schedules, and different requirements for the annual office holiday party. For starters, set a date NOW and send out the office email. This is the first step for a reason. If people don’t get a good heads up, then no one will come no matter what you have planned!

2. Should Holiday Party's Be Kid Friendly?

If you can’t decide to keep it G-rated or not, why not a bit of both? A good office party lasts from about 6 p.m., when everyone is off work, until at least midnight. So, divide the party. Keep it kid-friendly until 9 p.m. when families would leave anyway, then break out the drinks. For the perfect drink to kick start the now-adults only party, try a fruity wine like the Circova Pinot Grigio. This fruity mix will go well with any finger foods while keeping everything classy. 

kids holiday party

3. Holiday Party Food Etiquette

Next, the food portion of the evening. In my personal opinion, I don’t think labels on individuals or couples or whatever are necessary. However, they most definitely are for food. Labels are the most important thing here. Label everything. “Contains peanuts.” “Gluten free.” “Contains dairy.” You get the point. This way, no one with allergies or dietary restrictions should have to worry. Interestingly, according to CNN Business, the number one day where Chinese food orders are the most popular is Christmas Day. If, on the off chance you don’t want to serve Lo Mein to your co-workers, try small finger foods.

A cheese and cracker platter goes a long way, especially when offset by crisp grapes. Veggie and fruit trays aren’t very classy, but they are yummy and provide something for everyone. Deviled Eggs are always a win. Depending on your time, try making slow-cooker meatballs. My boyfriend makes a great dish called Holiday Whiskey Bourbon meatballs; they are always the hit of the party. A variety of potato dishes ensure you get the best bang for your buck. 

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4. Holiday Desserts

Next, holiday themed dessert! At most office holiday parties, the sweet treats are the most popular (holiday calories don’t count, right?) Other solid options are sparkling wine, so the bubblies offset the sugar. My personal favorite is a sparkling red, like the Cricova Sparkling Red. This sort of wine is both elegant and fun all in one. As far as treats are concerned, you can’t go wrong with decorated sugar cookies. They are easy to make, holiday themed, and add a personal touch. here our are top treats that you can buy at any grocery store and line up on a silver platter:

  • Peppermint Bark
  • Sugar Cookies (holiday themed!)
  • Fudge
  • Cinnamon Rolls (try to keep warm until serving time)
  • Candy Canes
  • Pies (this is an easy one you can ask others to pick up on the way to the party)
holiday dessert

5. Fun Christmas Party Games For 2020

Lets face it, a key aspect of a good party is the social mingling that takes palce and it’s always hard tog et that ball rolling. If you are worried about people not mingling, plan a holiday game. White Elephant or Secret Santa are always good options. This does require more time and everyone’s cooperation, however, so this will only work depending on how much time you have. To take some weight off your should we have a short list of popular games:


6. Pat Yourself On The Back!

Last step, and most important, kick back and relax. You did it! You pulled off the ultimate office Christmas party in just the “Nick” of time. Get it?

Bonus Fun!

If the budget allows it, a photobooth is always a fun way to get the party started! 

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