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6 Essential Thanksgiving Wines Your Guests Expect You To Serve

6 Essential Thanksgiving Wines Your Guests Expect You To Serve

Rustling leaves, pumpkins a-plenty, and spiced scents all around. Thanksgiving is in the air, and the reality is, you’ve committed to hosting this year. But you’re far from ready for the big meal. 


There’s so much planning to do, and you want your menu to be spot-on. From the lighting to the turkey and the beverages you offer, you want to serve up a Thanksgiving that invites your guests into a world of warm and cozy.


When it comes to the wine, you’re looking for the perfect pairing for a traditional Thanksgiving, with an element of surprise. Something new that will warm your guests and add to the relaxing after-meal sleep session that’s bound to happen. 


So, which wines should you offer your guests? It’s a tough call because everyone has different palates. We get it, and that’s why we’ve created this Thanksgiving wine guide to ensure everyone gets a sip of their favorites.

White Wines That Pair Perfectly With Thanksgiving Dinner

White wines can be a bit tricky when looking for the perfect acidity to pair with your turkey day feast. White fruit wines pair perfectly with the staple spices of Thanksgiving, like clove and nutmeg. 


While whites can be dry or super sweet, it’s best to offer a few different varieties so you don’t leave anyone’s palate out in the cold this Thanksgiving. 



You can’t pair poultry wine without including a fruity Reisling. This white wine ranges from dry to super sweet and pairs well with Thanksgiving classics like sweet potatoes and herby stuffing. 


Rieslings are light, crisp wines that go well with dinner or dessert, depending on your menu. 


Our Secco+ White Dry Reisling is a beautiful, zesty, Reisling that has a refreshing acidity that will give the white wine lovers at the table something to talk about. 


Sauvignon Blanc

An herby undertoned wine that pairs well with the often over-done savory spices of Thanksgiving…not overdone by you of course.


Think of Sauvignon Blanc as the fresh, crisp, sip your guests need when moving from the dinner table to the dessert buffet without hitting the couch for some zzzz’s.


This Sauvignon Blanc variety is balanced and has a pop of energizing acidity, perfect for those who don’t want to snooze after the big feast.


Pinot Grigio

If your family loves it when you’re heavy-on-the-garlic and classic savory Thanksgiving Day herbs, Pinot Grigio will help balance the palate. In addition to Reisling, this white wine is another must-have for Thanksgiving. 


Cricova Pinot Grigio lives in harmony with anything garlicky due to its balanced floral and citrus flavor. This classy white wine boasts an impeccable flavor profile with plums, peaches, and cherry. A perfect profile to progress from the big meal to the dessert spread. 

Red thanksgiving wine

Must-Serve Red Wines for Thanksgiving

Red wine lovers will be on the lookout for dry wines that compliment the herb-flavored casseroles and stuffing at your dinner table. Moldova wines will fit the bill perfectly with their sophisticated, exotic, newness to your tribe. 


Pinot Noir

A classic for Thanksgiving red wine lovers on your list is Pinot Noir. If you’ve got your table set with creamy mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, your guests will love the earthy tones (and mushroom-inspired) flavors within this deep red wine.


Pinot Noir also compliments dishes that include hints of cranberry, and you know that no Turkey day dinner is complete without cranberry sauce. 


Cricova Pinot Noir, harvested in southern Moldova, is a sophisticated ruby red wine that is sure to surprise your guests with its exotic tannins. 


Feteasca Neagra

Speaking of exotic, serving Feteasca Neagra on Thanksgiving will blow the fuzzy holiday socks off your wine aficionados at the table. A treat for those who know their wines, this Moldovan wine is created from an ancient grape variety.


Dry wine lovers will appreciate the fine tannins, perfumed fragrance, and a delicate finish. It’s truly an experience every wine lover must have. 


Our pride-and-joy, Cricova Feteasca Neagra, is inspiring, spicy, and a little smoky just like your Thanksgiving day menu. 


Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re looking for a rich red with an intense tannin edge to it, Cabernet Sauvignon is your go-to wine. It pairs perfectly with peppery sides and intense flavors. 


On the stronger end of the Cab Sauv spectrum is our Cricova variety. The vanilla and mint tones are a perfect way to warm up and kick off the holiday season. 

Thanksgiving Wine

Sparkling Wines for Thanksgiving

Let’s not forget the sparkling wines for your Thanksgiving feast. Over the years, sparkling wines have become increasingly popular with their elegant bubbles, perfect acidity, and tummy-taming abilities. 


Effervescent bubbles are perfect for after-dinner stomach-soothing emergencies. And, as a bonus, sparkling wines go hand-in-hand with rich desserts, like pumpkin pie. 


Dessert Wines

To top of your turkey day, you need not forget about the rest of the dessert wines. Sherry and sweet honey-hinted wines like Moscato are welcome guests at the dessert table.


There’s no doubt that your dessert offerings will be show-stoppers, but if you want to impress the wine-loving guests, try our Cricova Ornament Kagor Pastoral. Now, don’t let the name fool you, it’s more than a church wine with its sweet notes of violets and almonds. It serves as a special after dinner wine with a seat at the head of the dessert buffet. 


When you took on turkey day, you knew there’d be a variety of palates to appease. You’ve made sure to include everyone’s favorites on the menu, and now you know how to hit it out of the park with your wine offerings. A little something for everyone with some classics, and impressive offerings for the critics in the clan. 


Want more pairing tips? Ready to explore the unknown?


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