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Fall Cocktail Ideas

Classic Fall Cocktail Recipes

Fall is finally upon us, and it’s time to celebrate with these tasty fall cocktail ideas!


Easily one of the most beloved times of the year, but the changing leaves aren’t the only thing to look forward to.


The flavors of fall are what really make it an exciting and delicious time, and there’s more than just pumpkin spice to enjoy.


Ginger, apple, cranberry, orange, cinnamon and more are all perfect ingredients to use in your drink making.


If you’re already tired of pumpkin, which is hard to escape from these months, try these three fall cocktail ideas to spice up your day and get you into the fall spirit.


Apple Spritz

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Apple-picking is at its peak right now, and what better way to enjoy a fresh, ripe apple than in a bubbly spritz cocktail.


The combination of apple and ginger is a wonderful flavor for this season!


How to Make

Toss some blueberries into your glass of choice, followed by an ounce of smooth Zernoff Vodka.


Next goes in some deliciously sweet apple cider (1/3 cup) and some ginger beer (1/4 cup). You can buy the apple cider at the store, or make your own from scratch!


Finally, fill the rest of your glass with sparkling Cricova Grand Vintage Brut to bring everything together. Add more blueberries, cranberries and fresh apple slices.


That’s it! You can enjoy it immediately or let it sit in the fridge for a while so the flavors can marinate, creating an enhanced-flavor.


Brandy Old Fashioned

Fall Cocktail Ideas 2

Is there a more classic drink than an old fashioned?


While typically with bourbon, the drink is just as delicious when made with grape brandy.


The brandy we’re using today is a high-quality Kvint XO Elite brandy aged for 10 years, creating a super-smooth and strong-flavored drink.


How to Make

To make this, add a teaspoon of sugar to your glass followed by an orange slice and a teaspoon of bitters.


Mash together to release all the flavors and add some ice.


Pour in two ounces of your Kvint brandy followed by 2 tablespoons of lemon lime or club soda.


Enjoy with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry to garnish!


Cranberry Mimosa

Fall Cocktail Ideas 3

There’s no better way to start your day than with this sparkling cranberry mimosa, made with Cricova Sparkling Muscat!


While typically made with orange juice, a mimosa is even richer and more delicious with fresh cranberry juice.


The Muscat has a rich and flowery taste, with soft fruit and citrus aromas, making it perfect to combine with juices!


How to Make

To make this bubbly drink, simply combine cranberry juice and Cricova Sparkling Muscat in equal parts.


Serve with an orange slice and you’re all set!


Alternative Fall Cocktail Ideas

Enjoy these unique fall beverages and get into the fall spirit!


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